Montreal, Canada - February 28, 2006

February 2006 - Vol. 30

RCPL February 2006 Newsletter includes the following items:

Lack of security

1. Lack of security

Monitoring situation in Lebanon during the last month RCPL has observed the following lack of security:

- February 2: A bomb exploded near a Lebanese army barracks in Beirut early, wounded a soldier, wrecked a car and blew out windows in nearby buildings.
- February 3: One soldier was lightly injured after Hizbullah fired at least 30 mortar shells at IDF outposts on Israel's northern border position of Roueissat el-Alam. The strike appeared to be in retaliation for the killing by Israel this week of a Lebanese who went missing along the border Wednesday. IDF troops responded to the attack with artillery while army gunships hit Hizbullah targets in southern Lebanon.
- Februry 5: Twenty eight people were wounded when Lebanese demonstrators set fire to the Danish consulate building in the latest violent protest over the publication by European newspapers of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. The protesters also attacked property and shops in the Beirut Christian area of Ashrafiyeh, throwing stones, breaking windows and overturning cars, an AFP journalist said. Stones were thrown at St-Maron church as Islamic leaders were seen appealing for calm.
-February 11: A small explosion caused by a dynamite stick planted under a car wounded a woman in a southern Beirut district.
- February 21: A suspicious plastic bag was discovered to contain seven rockets near the home of Lebanese parliament member Bahia Hariri, sister of the late Lebanese Premier Rafiq Hariri.

RCPL is concerned about the fragile security in Lebanon.
RCPL condemns all terrorist attacks against civilians and army and hopes the perpetrators are brought to justice.
RCPL re-calls on the Lebanese government to take full and exclusive control of Lebanese territories, disarm all non-governmental groups, and deploy its national army to ensure the security of all citizens and avoid any security destabilizing factor.

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