Montreal, Canada - April 14, 2005

RCPL asks the release of all the Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons

On March 25, 2005: The Syrian ambassador in Washington, Imad Moustapha, said all Lebanese political prisoners in Syrian jails will be released by June 2005.

On April 9, 2005: A Syrian official source said that Damascus was not holding any of the Lebanese prisoners that the Lebanese opposition claims Syrian forces captured during their 29-year presence in Lebanon: "Syria is not holding any Lebanese citizens,".

On April 11, 2005: Relatives of about 280 Lebanese missing or imprisoned in Syria started an open-ended hunger strike near the United Nations Building in Beirut. They are calling the United Nations to intervene to have their loved ones back alive or dead.

RCPL would like to remind the Syrian government that they ordered the release of 121 Lebanese detainees from its prison on March 5, 1998 and 46 more Lebanese detainees on December 24, 2000 after the President of the Bar Association in Syria denied the existence of Lebanese prisoners in their prisons on February 28, 1998.

RCPL would like to join its voice to the families of detainees and believes and has a proof that hundreds of Lebanese have been missing since their arrest in Lebanon or transferral to Syria during and after the war by Syrian intelligence forces.

RCPL urges the Canadian government to take an urgent action and intervene immediately in order to:


Ask the Syrian Government to release all Lebanese arbitrarily detained in its prisons and return the remains of detainees who died in prison due to torture


Ask the United Nations to sponsor an international investigation about Lebanese kidnapped and/or died in its prisons

An online petition is available. Please visit this link and sign the petition:

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