Montreal, Canada - June 09, 2004

Panel to discuss Canada’s foreign policy toward Lebanon

In order to give the opportunity to the Canadian Lebanese community to fully participate in the electoral debate that is currently taking place in Canada, RCPL has addressed invitations to all Canadian Federal parties' representatives for a roundtable with the Canadians from Lebanese descent.

Please find below the list of candidates who confirmed their presence to the event on june 13, 2004 (in alphabetical order):

Bloc Quebecois

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To be confirmed.

Conservative Party of Canada

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Mr. Stéphane d'Amours

Mr. Marc Rahme

Mr. Marc Rousseau

Candidate for Laval

Candidate for Saint-Laurent--Cartierville

Candidate for Outremont

Green Party of Canada

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Mrs. Lynette Tremblay


Liberal Party of Canada

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Mrs. Eleni Bakopanos

Mr. Stephan Dion

Mrs. Raymonde Folco

Mr. Bernard Patry



Laval--Les Îles


New Democratic Party of Canada

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Mr. Omar Aktouf


During this special event, every candidate will present his/her party's political program and express his/her views on the national and international issues, mainly the human rights violations in Lebanon.

The Canadian Lebanese community in the Greater Montreal area is invited to attend this unique event and fully participate in this discussion as part of the Canadian democratic process.

This event will take place on Sunday, June 13th, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at 1500 Ducharme, Outremont (metro Outremont).
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For more information, please call (514) 205-4226 or write us at

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