Montreal, Canada - September 25, 2003

Lebanese authorities should stop intimidation and harassment of Human Rights activists

Credible media sources as well as international Human rights organizations have reported the continuous harassment of Samira Trad from the « Frontiers Center » an organization focusing on helping refugees.

Samira Trad was detained for questioning, at the beginning of September 2003. She was released a couple of days later. Recently, she was charged with « harming the honor and integrity of the Lebanese authorities ». 

RCPL is concerned about the last incidents in Lebanon: 

The arrest of Dr. Mughraby on August 8, and his release after almost a month spent in jail.

The detention and the arrest of a Canadian citizen, Bruce Balfour, heading for a reforestation project in Lebanon. He was detained on charges of « spying for the enemy ». He was found innocent for the initial charge, but guilty for insipring sectarianism.

The detention of Samira Trad on September 2, and her release a couple of days later. Her harassment and intimidation didn’t stop.

RCPL urges the Canadian officials to publicly condemn the detention of Human rights activists, and pressure their Lebanese counterparts, to abide by international conventions of human rights and stop using intimidating strategies to silent organizations and citizens working for a better society.

RCPL urges the Lebanese authorities in Beirut, to stop their intimidation, drop all the charges against Mrs. Trad, and respect here rights as guaranteed by the International Declaration of Human Rights to which Lebanon is signatory.

RCPL strongly urges the Lebanese government to stop abusing the judicial system, and fight corruption within the judiciary system instead of silencing human rights activists and foes for peace building and good governance in Lebanon.

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