Laval, Canada - June 19, 2003

TV Station blasted by missiles in Beirut

In June 16, 2003, the Beirut local daily news reported a missile attack on one of the radio and TV stations in Beirut F-TV owned by Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

"Future-TV and Radio Asharq, came under a missile attack in Beirut's seafront district of Raouche overnight Sunday and police said a bloodbath in the residential neighborhood had been miraculously avoided"

On the same day, the same source reported another violent incident in Beirut between members of two rival war-time militia. The daily reported “ Two gunmen on a speeding motorcycle fired at an Amal activist sitting at the entrance to a mosque in Beirut's Burj Abu Haidar residential district Saturday evening, touching off a shootout that raised fears of a renewed war for control of Beirut's mosques”

These violent attacks came few weeks after a series of different violent incidents in Lebanon (bombing of restaurants, refugee camps skirmishes…) during which many civilians were killed. 

Such incidents indicate once again that the presence of armed non governmental groups (Palestinians in refugee camps, Hizbullah, Syrian army, Ahbash…) is still seriously threatening civilians’ security especially that many of these groups possess heavy weapons and dangerous explosives . 

RCPL urges the Lebanese government in Beirut to adopt a zero tolerance policy toward civilians’ security threatening, to disarm all non-governmental groups and to control its territories exclusively through the Lebanese national army. This will constitute the only way not only to ensure citizens’s security, but also to protect the press freedom that was violently threatened during the missile attack. 

RCPL repeats its call for the Canadian officials to propose assistance and help Lebanese authorities, in any way Canada can assist, in order to protect civil peace and achieve maximum security.

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