Laval, Canada - May 25, 2003

Time to disarm non-governmental groups in Lebanon

Following the end the fighting in 1990, not all militias and training camps were dismantled or shutdown, thus leaving Lebanon in an unstable state. 

In the week of May 19th, Palestinian guerillas belonging to the Fatah Movement were battling Islamic fighters in Ain-el-Helwi camp, Lebanon's largest refugee camp. 

In RCPL's 2002 report (dated 2003 - page 26), we requested that the Canadian government propose a resolution to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that requires the Lebanese authorities to disarm all non-governmental groups in Lebanon.

The recent clashes in the camp resulted in the death of 10 people, the damage of 150 homes and shops (Al Nahar - May 22). Considering that this situation is intolerable in a civilized state yet is increasing, we remind the Canadian authorities to help their Lebanese counterparts through United Nations resolutions, or any another form of support to disarm all non-governmental movements, in order to restore full security and stabilize the country.

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