Laval, Canada - April 10, 2003

Security of Lebanese citizens threatened

As reported by lebanese news medias on April 5th 2003, an explosion was reported in a McDonald restaurant in 'Death River' residential district of Beirut -Lebanon. Another bombed car was discovered and dismantled by security forces, preventing a catastrophic explosion.

This explosion resulted in serious injuries for many people including kids. According to the Associated Press, five customers suffered minor injuries at tables close to the restaurant's bathroom. An Nahar put the casualty toll at three, including the director of the Tunisian airlines in Beirut, Mo'iz bin Rajab and his family who were hospitalized.

This incident is not the first one and comes after a series of explosions since 2002 against many other American franchise restaurants: Kentuky Fries Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut, McDonald ... 
Such events constitute a real threat to Lebanese economy especially that all targeted companies are owned and operated by Lebanese business people, and provide employment opportunities for many Lebanese families. 

It's important to note that civilians’ security has been gravely threatened in the last couple of years, as many hatred based or mysterious crimes against civilians took place. Such violent incident should be considered more seriously since it might destabilize the country.

RCPL calls the Lebanese authorities to work seriously to protect civilians security by disarming all non-govermental groups, leading investigation in order to clarify the circumstances of this incident and other similar ones that occurred during the last couple of years, in order to bring the responsibles to justice.

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