Laval, Canada - December 30, 2002

Security of Lebanese citizens threatened

Monitoring the situation in Lebanon in the past weeks, RCPL is concerned about the security of Lebanese citizens. 

Starting with the assassination in South Lebanon of Mrs.Witheroll, an American Nurse on the 21st of November, to the bombing of a mosque in Anjar in the Bekaa valley on the 4th of December, to the assassination of a Lebanese intelligence serviceman Mr. Ramzi Nohra and his nephew Mr. Elie Issa in the South, and lately the shooting of the judge Fadi Nashar on the 23rd of December while presiding over a midmorning court session.

RCPL is concerned about the fragile security in Lebanon. RCPL encourages Lebanese authorities to take full and exclusive control of Lebanese territories, disarm all non-governmental groups, and deploy its national army to protect Lebanese citizens, and avoid any security destabilizing factor.

calls the Canadian officials to intervene with the Lebanese authorities in order to respect the Human Rights Universal Declaration, especially articles 2 and 22, and provide full security for its citizens.

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