Laval, Canada - October 30, 2002

Another Lebanese detained on the Syrian borders

On the 11th of October 2002, credible sources reported that Mr. Henri Baidh Daou was arrested on the Lebanese-Syrian border, transported and detained secretly in Syria. He is allegedly accused of several crimes committed in Lebanon against Syrian army in 1975.

Actually, we ignore his detention's conditions. RCPL is really concerned about his illegal arrest without any reason; since the Lebanese law stipulates that crimes committed on the Lebanese territories are amount the Lebanese courts competence. 

RCPL considers the arrest of Mr Henri Badih Daou, as a violation of international and Lebanese laws and has reasons to believe that his safety is in danger. As a consequence, RCPL calls upon: 


the Syrian government to liberate immediately Mr. Daou, or to give him to the Lebanese authorities in case he is a criminal,


the Lebanese government to work seriously to unveil the whereabouts of Mr. Daou, and ensure his security and safety,


the Syrian and Lebanese government to release all illegally detained people

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