Laval, Canada - September 09, 2002

Violence against TV station in Lebanon

RCPL would like to express its deep concern about the brutality and violence used against Murr Television station employees upon its closure in Achrafieh on the 4th of September, as well as during the latter's’ peaceful demonstration with their supporters in Al-Nijmeh square facing the Lebanese Parliament, three days later. 

Several employees have been beaten by ISF, injured and arrested. Among them Michel Achi, and Vera Assi who have been beaten in the vicinity of their offices, Tony Orien, Michel Hajj seriously wounded and transported to the hospital after being harshly attacked by ISF agents in front of the parliament. Reports also mentioned several arrests one identified to be Lina Ghorayeb.

In front of all this brutality, RCPL is very anxious of the deterioration of the human rights respect in Lebanon especially that the peaceful assembly is a basic right for Lebanese citizens guaranteed by the Lebanese constitution. RCPL considers these acts as a severe and dangerous violation of all international laws guaranteeing civil liberties especially articles 5 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that guarantees civilians the rights for not being tortured and for peaceful assembly respectively.

RCPL calls upon the Lebanese authorities to respect their international commitments by protecting the freedom of opinion and expression, as well as by respecting human dignity and assembly freedom.

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