Laval, Canada - May 24,2002

Kidnapped... Tortured... and Killed...!!! Till when ???!!!

On Monday 20th of May 2002, the body of the Lebanese engineer Mr. Ramzi Irani who mysteriously disappeared while returning from his work, was found , two weeks after swollen and covered with black grime in the trunk of his own car. The responsibility of his abduction and murder are still unknown and mysterious. So far, no information whatsoever filtered on who might be behind this crime. 

It's worth to be noted that Mr. Irani has been arrested by the Lebanese secret services and tortured many times prior to his kidnapping, for freely expressing his political opinions against the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, and for demanding the implementation of 
UN Security Council Resolution 520. This horrifying crime raises also questions about the involvement of active non-governmental agents and/or groups, knowing that more than 30,000 Syrian soldiers and secret services agents are permanently active in Lebanon. 
After his disappearance, the Lebanese government expressed his inability to collect information about the circumstances of the kidnapping that took place in the middle of the day in the Lebanese capital. However, security services proceeded in arresting dozens of Lebanese forces activists who are known to be regularly "called" and tortured for their political opinions, especially when it comes to the demand of the implementation of the
UN Security Council Resolution 520 that leads to the withdrawal of the Syrian occupation forces from Lebanon.

RCPL is extremely concerned about the deterioration of the Human rights in Lebanon, and considers the execution of Mr. Irani a grave threat to the freedom of expression and to the security of all Lebanese citizens. As a consequence, RCPL calls upon the Lebanese government to show more respect for human dignity and rights by protecting its citizens and proceeding to a courageous, serious and immediate, non bias investigation, in order to uncover the circumstances of this execution identifying thus the murderers and bring them to justice.

RCPL urges the Lebanese government to stop harassing civilians for their political thoughts, release all political detainees, and work on deploying its regular police and army forces in all regions of Lebanon.


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